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Antakusuma Ring


Antakusuma Ring





The energy of the ring will shine a white light that surrounds you. The mustika comes from the withdrawal of the supernatural in the Demak mosque,
Antakusuma ring benefits:

Antidote and neutralize negative energy that is approaching you
Repel physical attacks and lessen your injuries
The owner of this gemstone will be enveloped by a shining white light
As a shield against all supernatural attacks and bad intentions of someone who will harm you, so that in life you will feel calm and comfort.
Self-immunity from black magic which later on you will get the knowledge of immune to witchcraft, immune to gendam, immune to witchcraft, immune to teluh and immune to all kinds of other black magic.
Generating body fencing energy that will protect your body from all kinds of sudden dangers.
Protect yourself from all kinds of dangers that come
Protect yourself when traveling long distances, both land and air
A wall that is able to repel the attacks of witchcraft and witchcraft
Protects you from black magic attacks, such as witchcraft, teluh, or witchcraft.
Cleaning the house or a haunted place from the disturbance of spirits.
Returns the magical attack of competitors who want to bring your business down.
A magical fence from various enemy attacks
Create a layered defense when there is interference from the genie
The energy of khodam is able to clean all sides of the house from the negative energy of jinn and ghosts
Mustika will always give unseen immunity to its owner
All forms of witchcraft and ghost media will be raw / ineffective in hurting you

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Weight 500 g


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