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Aryakamandanu Majapahit Ring


Aryakamandanu Majapahit Ring




This ring is the legacy of the Majapahit ancestors who are still well preserved from generation to generation. aryakamandanu is one of the formidable knights of Majapahit who has extraordinary strength
Means for controlling one’s anger
Can add / strengthen the inner energy of the owner of the mustika
The energy produced by this mustika will help you strengthen your physical strength so you don’t get tired easily
The powerful protector khodam
It is very suitable to be used for those of you who preach in the mosque so that their words are easily absorbed, and obeyed, also facilitated
Able to make the owner of this mustika a fair, intelligent and wise leader
Makes the owner of this mustika have a patient and calm personality and is loved by many

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Weight 200 g


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