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Balaraja Stone Ring


Balaraja Stone Ring




This one is one of the collections of rings that have their own special features. The Balaraja Water stone ring was made specifically with the khodam khodam which was the companion of the kings. One of them was the khodam who was a companion to King Solomon.

Stone Ring Becomes a natural mustika that is different and has its own features.
Efficacy Stone ring Balaraja Water
1. Efficacy of Mercy
Reinforce the romance and passion of our partners.
The people you love will like you more.
Your partner becomes more loyal to you.
Bring out a feeling of peace and affection in you.
If you are wrong, it is easier for other people to forgive.
Luck in the world of romance and romance.
Your spouse (husband / wife / boyfriend) will like you more.
People who hate you will more easily turn your back to you.
Making a fierce person rude to you.
When you solve a problem, the people who need it will help and help you.

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Weight 200 g


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