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Gendruwo's amulet ring


Gendruwo’s amulet ring


The benefits of Gendruwo’s ​​ring charms are:

Helping you, to subdue a woman’s heart.

Helps facilitate and bring in clients.

The energy provides more power than usual.

Increase your desire for intercourse with each of your opposite sex.

Increase your sense of taste when there are spirits around you.

Unlocking the magical aura of yourself.

Speed ​​you up to learn spiritual science.



Gendruwo is a figure of an astral creature that often occupies a bamboo forest in the island of Java. The name Gendruwo is given by the Javanese community and the Kejawen spiritual. The figure of this astral creature has a height of at least 3 meters, the entire body is filled with hair almost resembling a gorilla. Male sex. Gendruwo has lust like humans, he often changes form to meet the women he likes.

There have been many occurrences of the phenomenon of gendruwo children until now still exist. This Gendruwo child has intercourse strength 3x compared to ordinary humans. He has an unnatural posture from ordinary humans. Their appetite can be 3x compared to ordinary humans.

Gendruwo is a figure of an astral creature that has quite high magical powers, so that he can change form instantly into a very handsome Priya and can also resemble your Suwami. This story has often been heard in the Javanese community. Gendruwo often goes to the woman who is left behind by her husband working away from home. To get the desire to have sex with a human wife.



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Weight 300 g


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