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Holy Ring


Holy Ring




around the world … maybe when you see my product, maybe many say that such a simple item has a function? because in your country there may or may not be such useless items. but you have to understand that it is not a container or thing but who is the saint behind this thing or creator. In general, you should know that our country is not like other countries and there will be many oddities in our country that foreigners enter our country. we have different customs and cultures in different tribes but we can have BINIKA TUNGGAL IKI and still be one. and the mystical hidden island of Java is very large. in fact we are a country capable of attacking invisibly or called killing without shadows. attack secretly without being able to be entered by the enemy. Magic and spirituality are very fast in our beliefs. customs and culture are a solid foundation for getting to know our ancestors. then something that another country considers simple but makes its energy even stronger. the more the enemy underestimates us, the stronger we are in secret. even the sword or keris can be controlled by the traditional elders or shamans behind our knights.

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