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Joko Kendil's Spiritual Ring (Cincin Spiritual Joko Kendil)

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Joko Kendil’s Spiritual Ring (Cincin Spiritual Joko Kendil)

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Joko Kendil is a man who is cursed by God so that he turns into a dwarf like a kendil. While living a simple life with his mother, he becomes a kind man, while Joko Kendil wants to propose to a princess.

Many doubted that Joko Kendil’s good intentions could be welcomed by the royal family, but on the contrary, Princess Raja accepted Joko Kendil’s proposal and they got married.

Because of the sincerity of the Princess of the King, the curse of the God was solved and then Joko Kendil turned into a handsome and handsome Pira.

Joko Kendil’s kindness made it easy for him to learn about the sciences that made him magic.

Joko Kendil’s magic was then famous throughout the country,

One of Joko’s heirlooms is a ring, Joko Kendil gives luck to a ring that can be used as a magical fence and also a health guard

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Weight 200 g


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