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Majapahit Ring of Cempaka's Queen


Majapahit Ring of Cempaka’s Queen




This Queen Cempaka Majapahit ring has the original khodam of Majapahit blood. Inside it is stored khodam which is very strong to attract romance or love problems in your life.
This ring was once worn by the queen of Majapahit named Dewi Ratu Cempaka who was famous for her extraordinary beauty and charisma.
Whoever wears this ring, the khodam energy in it will automatically envelop the owner so that many people like it and open an extraordinary aura of affection.
If you work in an office, you will be promoted faster because you are preferred by your boss.
make anyone more attracted to you in a positive way.
There are no restrictions in using this ring, because we have given ritual and neutralize the negative aura for forty days for anyone who wears it will always fit.

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Weight 200 g


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