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Majapahit Solar Ring

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Majapahit Solar Ring

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Surya Majapahit represents the god Nawa Sanga. Not spiritual, judging from flashbacks in the past, the ring was worn by Majapahit nobles who had a position, this great passion symbolized caste (position). This original ancient heirloom ring was found during a ritual in Mojokerto, East Java, which is the place where the glorious Majapahit kingdom was buried. This heirloom ring is one of our proud collections that we will gift to those of you who are destined to own it.

Strength is a genie who is hundreds of years old from the Majapahit era, has resided in the ring and protects whoever wears it. Rare item and only 1 in this world.

The magic of this heirloom ring is believed to be powerful for:

  1. Companion strength and protective strength who are powerful and magic
  2. Fencing the body from physical attacks
  3. Body protection in the event of an accident or physical impact
  4. Order khodam or genies around the owner of this ring
  5. High position and super strong authority

Other positive luck will be felt by the owner, no negative effects without being sold.


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