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Mermaid King's Mustika Stone Ring


Mermaid King’s Mustika Stone Ring




The mermaid king’s stone must be an invisible attraction on Java that has such strong energy, a king who has supernatural powers. With the supernatural knowledge he has has become the king of all the mermaids in the North Sea, the owner of this mustika will get full 24-hour protection.

Benefits of a mermaid king’s mustika stone ring:
Khodam is a reliable friend
Khodam can be ordered to make people he likes like the owner of mustika
Can make the owner must be loved by everyone
Energy Mustika can make the target / target people easily fall in love with him
the owner must go through eye contact
Can restore a partner who has left you (rolling mill)
Help captivate someone’s heart / target so they want to be invited to a date
Can melt the hearts of parents / families who oppose
Help to harmonize the relationship of a married couple
Maintain your partner / household relationship
Get rid of distractions that will attack your home / place of business
Make people who intend evil in your home will forget their evil intentions
Protect valuables in your home if a bad person is already in it
Makes you easy to say and have seduction of death
Each greeting contains the power of compassion
Give extraordinary inner strength to the problem of romance
Make the opposite sex flutter when looking
Open your aura for pellets and mercy
Activate the opponent’s seduction chakra
Increase natural affection
Easy to associate the opposite sex
How to use a mermaid mustika stone ring:
It’s easy to use a mermaid mustika stone ring, just bring it where it is stored and don’t lose it or take it away.

How to care for a mermaid king stone ring:
mermaid king stone rings must not require special care. Enough to be brought during worship and God willing, the energy will be stronger.

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Weight 250 g


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