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Mustika Ademayem Ring


Mustika Ademayem Ring




Mustika Pearls is one of the secret wonders of the world. So what are they? It is a rare stone created by Nature, which radiates a strong spiritual vibration that heals, increases business, finds love, and riches in various virtues. Because of the scarcity and difficulty of obtaining them, we need to be careful with the sources they come from because there are many who sell replicas.

They are miraculously obtained by shamans, adept, and spiritual students through prayer, meditation, and long and difficult trips through dangerous locations to secure pearls.

The art of finding the Mustika Pearl that has long been lost is practiced by a handful of people in Indonesia. Shamans have been known to pass through dense forests, caves full of snakes, and various other dangers. This sacrifice must be respected by the new caregivers of the sacred Mutiara Mustika.

The rarest Mustika pearls come from mythical creatures such as dragons, mermaids and various other creatures. It is said that if you have Mustika Pearl, you are blessed from Nature.

Every Mustika Pearl has virtues that can be created in your life. We have tested the original Mustika Pearl with great success. For example, we use Mustika Pearl and fill water in conjunction with pearls. (Use and practice for Mustika Pearl is included with every pearl). Business sales have multiplied, and business upgrades are needed to maintain increased sales.

The use of Mustika Pearls can be unlimited. Whatever area of ​​your life needs your help, Mutiara can help you.

Please visit our web site at www.realancientmagic.com

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Weight 250 g


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