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Mustika Ring Titian Setapak Sakti


Mustika Ring Titian Setapak Sakti




Mustika Ring Titian Setapak Sakti has several benefits, including:
1. Opening a positive aura so that this mustika makes the owner able to control himself both physically and mentally
2. Able to control thoughts in a good direction
3. Increase physical strength
4. Increase immunity so it is not easy to get sick
5. Increase intelligence
6. Can help improve concentration power
7. For those who are studying superiority and kanuragan cultivation, it is very suitable because it will increase and maximize the power of internal energy possessed and increase sensitivity to see the supernatural environment around them.
8. Increase authority both seen by ordinary people and the astral nation so that it will avoid interference from astral beings as well as shipments and attacks by evil astral beings.

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Weight 300 g


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