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Mustika Sakti Ring of a Thousand Khodam


Mustika Sakti Ring of a Thousand Khodam




Mustika Sakti Ring of a Thousand Khodam is a lucky mustika ring which is an heirloom of the withdrawal of the supernatural in the south coast swallow cave, there are thousands of khodam in it.
Its properties are believed to be very effective for unmatched compassion
Pellets of the opposite sex to anyone
Melt someone’s heart to be obedient
Use the intended person
Unmatched Business Sales
Career success is like a dream
Success in getting the job according to your dreams
Business success, easy to get tender
Ease of negotiation, trust the words
Get rid of the enemies that hinder success
Fence magical self, return the enemy’s attack
Repel reinforcements and send bad luck to the enemy
Inviting thousands of khodam, feeling the presence of khodam, opening the mind’s eye to see khodam in the universe.

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Weight 300 g


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