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Mustika Stone Safety Unseen Fence


Mustika Stone Safety Unseen Fence




The Mustika Batu Safety Fence is a mustika that we are actually reluctant to publish, but because of the many requests from customers at REALANCIENTMAGIC.com, we must present this to you. Semi-circle Mustika with maroon and black colors. Little is broken in the middle of this stone because that is where the supernatural doors of this mustika.

Benefits and Good Luck Stone Safety Fence:
Bring safety
Get divine protection
Congratulations on danger
Survivors of various outbreaks, disasters, and survivors of accidents
Avoid damaging slander
Protect yourself from various physical attacks
Protect yourself from various magical attacks, such as witchcraft, teluh, soak, and other magic
Protect property and objects from everything that is not wanted
Protect the residence and place of business
Protect family members, even when they are at a distance
Gives immunity to the body when faced with physical attacks and critical situations
Get safety on your way
Relieve pain
Form a magical fence that surrounds property
Crippling people who intend evil
Turn the intentions of people who want to do evil in order to undo their intentions

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Weight 250 g


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