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Sheikh Siti Jenar Stone Ring


Sheikh Siti Jenar Stone Ring




Shaykh Siti Jenar (meaning: red land) whose real name is Raden Abdul Jalil (some call him Hasan Ali) (also known as Sunan Jepara, Sitibrit, Shaykh Lemahbang, and Shaykh Weak Abang) are figures considered to be Sufis and a propagator of Islam on the island of Java, especially in Jepara Regency. The proposal and cause of death of Sheikh Siti Jenar is not known with certainty because there are many versions of the labyrinth about him and the end of his life. Likewise with various versions of the location of the tomb where he was buried for the last time.

Sheikh Siti Jenar is known for his teachings, namely Manunggaling Kawula Gusti (answer from wahdatul wujud). These teachings made him considered heretical by some Muslims, while others regarded him as an intellectual who had obtained the essence of Islam. His teachings are published in his own literary work called Pupuh, which contains ethics.

Sheikh Siti Jenar developed the teachings of the Sufi way of life which are considered to be contrary to the teachings of Walisongo. The conflict between the Sufi practices of Shaykh Siti Jenar and Walisongo lies in the emphasis on the formal aspects of sharia provisions carried out by Walisongo.
from here sheikh siti jenar began to be known by the wider community on the island of Java until now.

in this stone ring contains a lot of philosophy and science or strength derived from the teachings of sheikh siti jenar in that era. khodam which is very strong and the power and energy of emission that blends with the universe are depicted on this stone ring. all provide policies for glory and rings that are very suitable for scholars or high priests.

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