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Stripe Spiritual Ring


Stripe Spiritual Ring




In this ring there is a khodam whose energy will always help the owner in every problem to make it easier to solve. there is no negative effect for the owner because before the item is sent I have done a ritual for the new owner so that the item can be in harmony with the owner of all.
The khodam policies in this ring are:
1. be a positive magical fence that surrounds your body.
2. Restore the black magic of the shamans who attacked you.
3.and this khodam will strike back at the black shamans so that they are deterred.
4. make your career soaring quickly.
5. You will have a strong authority and always be trusted by people around you.
6. Your boss will be more considerate of your performance in everything you do in the company and will always give you the opportunity to be entrusted to you in any work matters.
7. if you are caught in trouble or are in danger of your safety. then if the robber wants to persecute you then you will be immune to blows and sharp weapons.

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Weight 300 g


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