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The Amulet of Geret Sukma's Rajah


The Amulet of Geret Sukma’s Rajah




this amulet is in the form of a ring. This ring is had a many function, such as:

  1. Throw away black energy, and return the feeling like a woman Your wife / husband who doesn’t know where to go
  2. Improving Household Relationships That Are Somewhat Tense.
  3. Influence people’s feelings even if they are not near you.
  4. Able to give a vibration signal and instantly he will respond to your goal.
  5. Being able to attract love, so that he is aware of your goals, if you already have the seeds of love or love at that time will also understand and feel uneasy if you do not meet you.
  6. Make someone filled with your shadow, and reminded of the good old days.
  7. Throwing negative energy on the target self and yourself, supernaturally negative energy can come from anywhere, but with the talisman method it will neutralize your condition and your target.
  8. Returning someone’s feelings is like an acquaintance who is difficult to reach because of overseas, and it seems that you have given a love signal but are blocked by a faraway place and can finally be poisonous.

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Weight 300 g


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