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The Ring of Mount Ascetic Angling Darma


The Ring of Mount Ascetic Angling Darma




This mustika is the result of the attraction of the unseen nature on a mountain that is considered wingit, which is believed to be where Angling Darma is imprisoned. Benefits of Mount Tapa Angling Darma Mustika Stone has a natural luck that is so strong. It is black in color which indicates the presence of khodam in this mustika.
Benefits/luck of Mount Tapa Angling Darma Mustika Stone:
High-level authority tools which can be used in work/business/business
Make your household harmony
Open your positive aura so that everyone around you will always be shy and respect you
Return the people you love who have left you (puter milling)
As a means of binding the soul and heart of someone you are aiming for
Can affect a person’s soul with just a glance
Gives the power of attraction of the opposite sex
Helping easily defeat the target
Able to thrill the heart of the opposite sex
Make the target fall in love with you
Can clean the sengkolo / reinforcements of the mate barrier
Mustika energy is able to make the wearer of mustika attractive and charming
Can melt the heart of the man / woman of your dreams
Means of locking / binding the couple so they don’t turn away from the heart
Mustika energy is able to bring your soul mate closer wherever you are
Can help you soften the hearts of superiors, leaders, subordinates, friends, foes
Makes you more confident when approaching women/men
Makes it easier for you to socialize with the surrounding community
As a good luck charm

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Weight 200 g


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