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Ancient Statue Of Prosperity

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Ancient Statue Of Prosperity

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This ancient statue, has a strong spirit. for luck in prosperity, glory. if you have this ancient statue you will often get the chance to go abroad. able to replace a luxury car. often get large tender orders from all your clients.
I often place this stone statue in my teaching hut. where there is a place of meditation. for meditation entrepreneurs from various out of town. for penance and meditation to seek guidance from the creator, to get the many blessings that are expected to come from his business and make more money every year.
many unique events each story of someone meditating in this place. in meditation for 41 days. they are always visited by a woman like a princess, have a bright skin color and shine golden. and the light always disappears from this ancient statue.
This ancient statue is very suitable to be placed in a meditation place or a special room covered with yellow cloth. then the spirit inside will work better and optimally. and all your wishes will always be helped by him. so all the paths you take always work. easier and lighter.

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Weight 5000 g


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