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Bengawan Mustika Stone

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Bengawan Mustika Stone

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Means of fortune and fluent all your business, trade and work
Bring luck in your life
Create many opportunities to get more success
Means of self-fencing or self-safety fortress from danger and slander of people
Means to raise prestige of authority
Gives off a high level of charisma
As an ‘ageman’ for soul compassion pellets
Open the door of mate
Create a happy lasting relationship
Has a strong aura of attraction
Creating a powerful magical shield
Shield from witchcraft
Fence from black magic attack
Resisting negative attacks that are intentionally sent to destroy domestic harmony
You will be easily respected and respected by people
Easy to get power and leadership
Crush and conquer your enemies
Get rid of rivals in terms of business, career, business and rivals in any case
As a magical fortress that is difficult for anything to penetrate
Avoid witchcraft, jinn interference, and enemy attacks that have evil intentions on you
Means of fencing shops, shops, homes, offices and other places


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