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Heavenly Buddha Spiritual Statue


Heavenly Buddha Spiritual Statue




In living as a natural human being, of course, the majority want to be respected, dignified, live an adequate, comfortable life and never experience difficulties in any way, in the hunt for statues, we found this statue which is believed to bring a lot of glory in navigating the behavior of life and life, elevating the dignity of the owner. , perpetuate in a career, and facilitate promotion and promotion, good luck when participating in various competitions,
The Heavenly Buddha spiritual statue can strengthen the powerful compassion to open the aura so that both male and female owners have a shining face, it is easier to find a partner or life partner, it is easier to find job opportunities, wide fortune opportunities are opened, attracting customers and consumers in real business such as the owner. trade and service shops. neutralize all disturbances of evil spirits, dissolve the intentions of people who will do evil,
However, this Heavenly Buddha Spiritual Statue can work optimally as the business goes on and is properly cared for.

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Weight 300 g


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