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Magical "Spiritual Ganesha"

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Magical “Spiritual Ganesha”

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Many various empowerments are always given and presented by each spiritual site to provide the best for customers. And I, as the owner of the realancientmagic.com site, will always always give a different feel from other sites. So you can better compare which sites are truly trustworthy to the results that will be obtained by a customer who always wants a change in his life, so that in your life you feel happy peace and peace.

In every advance of the age, more and more advanced cultures have faded. The youth always underestimated the customs and culture instilled by their grandfather’s grandfather. Many things they consider are unreasonable and unreal. This factor can cause imbalance in the energy of the universe in this life. The ancestors have good intentions with various cultures and customs to pray in order to maintain the balance of nature around us. The energy contained in the 4 elements will blend with the alignment in yourself and your life which causes you to have a good fortune in your life.

This Ganesha spiritual statue is one of the statues that has strong, peaceful and positive energy. This empowerment is specifically for your spiritual bond to increase. Strengthening your concentration power is more focused on various things. Your brain will feel better. Maintain the stability of a positive aura in your home or place of business. You will get a lot of spiritual guidance in every event in your life journey. This statue is very suitable to be placed in a temple and place of a holy place or a special meditation room in your home.


when sending the package I will include magical oil. for maintenance so that the energy in the statue is stronger and increased. i will give you a bonus incantation so that every life you always get blessings and success in every wish you have.

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Weight 10000 g


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