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South Ganesha Spiritual Statue


South Ganesha Spiritual Statue




The spiritual statue of south Ganesha is one of our discoveries during our spiritual journey to the slopes of Mount Merapi after releasing cold lava. Because when Mount Merapi eroded, an earthquake occurred and maybe that’s what made some fragments from the hill. At night we tried to make a tent in the cliff area and carry out the ritual process It didn’t take long for a voice to come from the cliff calling, even though there was no one in the mountain to be seen wandering around. his voice became clearer and we decided to look for the scream, some of us split up while looking for the center of the sound when we got close it turned out that the sound came from the statue of Ganesha which was wedged in the rubble of a cliff. after we tried to take it and brought it to the tent then strangely the rain seemed to come suddenly. we think this statue of Ganesha is very sacred and try its strength when it rains we try to remove this statue of Ganesha and strangely again the rain suddenly stopped immediately after a loud thunder seemed to disperse the black clouds that were above us.
The policies of this Ganesha Selata statue are:
neutralize the negative aura in your home or place of business.
bring peace to your family.
provide stability in your financial economic affairs.
help strengthen your position in a position.
bring good luck from all around.
help facilities have more power in an area.
If there is an evil jinn in your house or place of business, it will be afraid and try to leave your place.
when the package has arrived you can contact us. then I will give instructions and incantations that you must read right now to connect with the spirit that is in this Ganesha statue. and I emphasize to all my clients so as not to misunderstand the magic items that I buy and sell, the originals have their own functions and levels of sacredness. for those of you who have bought but haven’t been able to find out the satisfying results, it’s not from our magic item but from those of you who are still not sure about the spell you say and your communication with the spirit that is in it for the means of representative of the god who was sent down to help you outside your logic. love and care for this magical item like a newborn child and needs to be gently caressed. respected well, do not look at the object or statue but you have to respect what is in the magic object. like you if you are not appreciated then you will definitely be angry and do not want to be friends with you. belief is a process. all instructions I do with confidence and full of resignation that this is a supernatural means that God gave to help humans on earth.

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