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Spiritual Karier


Spiritual Karier




Emitting high-level pitying light.
Speed ​​up your soul mate and make your partner more sticky and loving, not turning to another’s heart. Anyone who looks will be amazed and fall in love.
Attract the sympathy of officials / superiors / leaders.
It’s good for gaining popularity in gaining strength / position, and helping to make it easier to find luck.
Your charisma will radiate so strongly that people will be happy.
You will have many friends and loyal friends.
Neutralize negative energy.
It is suitable for those who work or anticipate when facing danger.
Sparkling aura.
General Evangelization.
Your face will be pictured in the minds of the people you approach.
Easy to be influenced, then obey your words.
Accelerate you to get a partner, many people have money and
work and arguably established but difficult to get a match,

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Weight 500 g


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