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Type 002 Spiritual Buddha Statue


Type 002 Spiritual Buddha Statue




The benefits of buddha statue are

1. Calming the Inner

this spiritual item can be used as an inner tranquilizer. This is due to the positive energy emitted from the item can be used to calm the user’s mind.

2. Opening the Aura of Sequestration

For attractiveness and granting, the benefits of this item can be used as an aura to the owner. This is what makes people see it will be sympathetic to people who have and carry this item.

3. Increase elegance

The woman who has this item can make herself look beautiful and elegant. The woman would look elegant and beautiful even though she appeared naturally and without makeup on her face.

4. Increase good looks

For the aura of attractiveness and compassion, spiritually men who use this item can look more handsome in the eyes of women.

how this item works is very easy and can be carried anywhere with a minimalist size. you only read short incantations that I have prepared for you.

Additional information

Weight 400 g


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