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Amulet Bracelet Princess King


Amulet Bracelet Princess King




The realacientmagic princess bracelet amulet is one of the private collections that we often get from the ancestors in an area, so we can also get it from when the team performs spiritual rituals in sacred places, or it can also be given by the golonga jinn directly.
This bracelet amulet has a very long story, and the philosophy in this bracelet is what makes the Javanese people want to have some of their ancestral heritage to be worn on the accessories they wear every day in order to get lucky like a princess.
This bracelet talisman also has a spirit that is in it so that it makes people always focused on this bracelet. The benefits of someone who has this bracelet are:
if you wear it then the energy and khodam in it blends in your body to emit a very positive aura.
you will have the ability to attract rich men
can make you to stimulate male lust hard.
clean negative energy within, smooth blood flow and body metabolism, accelerate the healing process, have a radiant aura that is very attractive to anyone who sees it, easily penetrates into the soul so it is difficult to forget, attracts many fans and the general public, a simple appearance will look attractive and charming , if you say many people believe
after the package arrives, you immediately contact us so you can connect and we will give you the instructions for what you should do when using it.

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Weight 500 g


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