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Magical Talisman "Sri Fortune Bracelet"


Magical Talisman “Sri Fortune Bracelet”




talisman bracelet
The virtues in this talisman “sri fortune bracelet” are:
Speed up the arrival of sustenance that is far from life
Means to increase sustenance from within oneself
The energy produced by this talisman. make the owner’s aura more radiant so that the business being run will be increasingly attractive, especially in the field of services
Adding customers to traders so that visitors are more crowded
Improve good business relations so that businesses are growing rapidly
Improve the ability to negotiate for the owner
Increasing the flow of sustenance that is increasingly smooth
Growing enthusiasm in seeking sustenance for the owner

After the item arrives, you can contact me and there will be a guide from me. So that everything goes perfectly. You will get a consultation for every problem you face for free. There were no restrictions to use the talisman. All contain positive values.

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Weight 400 g


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