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Healing Science Empowerment Items

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Healing Science Empowerment Items

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Realancientmagic.com also offers the power of black magic to empower healing. According to our spiritual teacher, in fact all knowledge is good and pure. Like a water that descends from above the sky, if the water falls into a clean place the water is also clear. And vice versa if the water falls into a dirty place then the water is also cloudy. that is an illustration that we believe in for generations from the KEJAWEN ancestors in Indonesia.

Black Magic is magic that is used to hurt someone by using sharp objects such as needles, nails, knives, deadly animals, and other objects to be inserted into the human body, remotely with the help of evil genies and imperfect spirits. Most people who are exposed to black magic do not know that they are affected by magic or diseases that doctors cannot treat and detect.

This non-medical disease is caused by black magic that is used by bad people to you, can be close friends, co-workers, and people you have hurt. If you have been ill for a long time and have tried medical treatment but have not ended with recovery, you may be exposed to black magic. Here we want to help you with black magic healing services. We will help eliminate the disease that you suffer until you are healthy again.

The Benefits of Healing Black Magic are:
Able to heal magic and magic energy
Heal various negative effects of black magic
Destroy negative energy in you
Healing for magic and black magic
Eliminate the influence of one’s pellets
Get rid of various black magic attack symptoms
Heal various magical disorders
Antidote to occult attacks
Clean self aura / negative energy
Emitting a protective aura of black magic
Heal various magical disorders
Black Magic Treatment Method:
Healing transfer method
This healing science will be transferred directly by the spiritual teacher (maha guru) in the 14 days of training (7 days for cleansing and 7 days for healing)
Clients will be given 7 capsules to digest
Magic salt that has gone through a ritual process, to be bathed
Spell writing to be mixed in your drink (mineral water)
The client will also accept the following conditions as part of the package:
Description of healing
An amulet amulet for healing


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