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Sacred Dragon Ring

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Sacred Dragon Ring

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The Sacred Dragon Ring The Sacred Dragon Khodam Ring of the Elders Collection is a dragon-shaped heirloom ring made of real bronze. This heirloom has a high level of magical properties, making this heirloom much sought after because it is a favorite heirloom in the hearts of fans of magical heirlooms. The positive energy in this dragon ring will bring life in power and prosperity. The Efficacy of the Ring of the Sacred Dragon Khodam Collection of Elders whose spiritual strength is at a high level is very beneficial if you have it and have it, including:

  1. Your business luck will be increasingly given smoothness, your efforts will not be disturbed by negative things. Nothing will be able to bring down your efforts.
  2. Luck of fate which always gets blessings in any field. Your destiny will always be lucky and you will not have bad luck when you run any business.
  3. By having this heirloom, the owner will be kept away from failure and bad luck, so that life will be easier to be lucky and easier to achieve success in any field.
  4. Aura of sustenance is increasingly coming to you.
  5. Respected and respected by many people. Especially with your colleagues and your other clients.
  6. Get rid of business bad luck / business failure and open business luck so that it is always successful.
  7. Get rid of career bad luck and open up career luck so it’s easy to find a job or position as expected.


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