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Aji Genderuwo's ​​Strength Services

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Aji Genderuwo’s ​​Strength Services

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Genderuwo in Javanese belief is a generation of descendants of giants who live in forbidden or sacred forests. they have groups in certain areas such as colonies and have rulers and also a queen. For their civilization, they are almost the same as ours, but they have the power that is passed down from the ancestors of the giants that is able to make fortifications that can make them invisible and invisible. by us.
in the story of the spiritual who often hunts magical objects belonging to astral beings. they once made a ritual in a forbidden forest for 3 days of fasting and meditation. that’s when the spiritual was visited by a man who was almost 3 meters tall. this size is not reasonable for humans today. after the spiritual man prayed to the almighty to ask to be able to communicate with the giant, then the giant turned into a smaller shape like the size of humans in general. The introduction began and the spiritual asked what class you were from and he answered I was from the gendruwo group of the giant race. After talking for a long time, the spiritual asked again what makes you invisible to human groups without your will. so the gendruwo replied that we learned this power has been taught from generation to generation and this inheritance is always given to each generation. at that time gendruwo said because you are a holy man then I will give a cloth for you. The gendruwo said that if you cover your body with this cloth, the human group will not be able to see you. their eyes will be shrouded in a mist that affects them not being able to see you. And the gendruwo also have the power to melt someone’s heart beyond human consciousness. their desire is very high. Therefore, this service is specifically for men who are always rejected by love and rejected when they want to make love.

Aji Genderuwo services can make you master knowledge like genderuwo, where the woman you want to have sex with will feel satisfied and will gladly give herself up. This knowledge guard can make your opponent make love feel satisfied because you can determine the duration of your lovemaking yourself. This service also makes your Mr. P slowly get bigger or seems to be petrified.
Realancientmagic will charge $2500 to make the ritual requirements for 3 days of remote transfer and to send the package to you. when the package arrives then you immediately contact us so that we immediately give instructions to you. when transferring you are advised to take a shower first and wear a floral scent, after that you read a little incantation from me and meditate.


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