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Ajian Jaran Goyang

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Ajian Jaran Goyang

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Ajian Jaran Goyang is one of the teachings that is believed to have the power to conquer and captivate women’s hearts. In the spiritual world, this one practice is known to have a very powerful effect, even more powerful than the semar mesem spell. Even though it is quite effective, nowadays the practice of jaran rocking has begun to become extinct and forgotten. In fact, in ancient times, this spell was famous and became the mainstay of virgins who were attracted to and tried to conquer the heart of a virgin or a widow who he was after.
Filling this Jaran Goyang spell with capsules of knowledge and amulets that can be taken anywhere will make your cruel, inhuman or arbitrary employer/leader soften his heart.
Only by using the Jaran Goyang Pelet Pengasih science capsule that we specially designed for you, the 7 magical elements of your body become active and emit a magical aura of radiance.
Jaran Goyang Philosopher’s Mustika is a mustika which is famous for its mustika stone which has a high level of enchanting power. Besides semar mesem, this Jaran Goyang Philosopher’s Mustika Stone is also much sought after by lovers of spiritual means and people who just want to feel the benefits.
You will get a knowledge capsule, an amulet that you can take with you wherever you go, and transfer knowledge for 14 days.


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