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Ajian Semar Mesem

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Ajian Semar Mesem

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Ajian Semar Mesem is a powerful and high-energy spell that is usually used as a pellet power for the opposite sex and its function is the same as the heirloom of Semar Mesem, the only difference is its form. We got this ajian from a spiritual journey in the Semar cave in Jengah Java, where during our spiritual journey we met the khodam who claimed to be kanjeng grandparents of Semar and gave us an ajian spell. Therefore, this practice was given the name Ajian Semar Mesem.
We believe this practice can make your desires real through its luck.
Not only to attract the opposite sex, but this spell can also bring fortune from various directions, open your aura to make it look more attractive, harmonize your relationships both between family, partners, and business partners, and bring your soul mate closer.
The use of this spell is very easy, you will get knowledge capsules to consume, as well as transfer of knowledge for 14 days, you will also get items that are used as talismans to carry wherever you go.


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