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Female Gendam Aura Energy Transfer

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Female Gendam Aura Energy Transfer

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A means to subdue women who have proven efficacy and luck, namely Gendam Wanita / Gendam Aura Energy Transfer for Women. Women who are exposed to this energy will be like people who are hit by a gendam, where their minds and hearts will be directed to you. With this mustika pellet energy, you will become the idol of every woman and loved by many women.
Efficacy of Energy Transfer Aura Gendam Women:

women’s pellet
powerful sex pellets / soul subduing
make women crazy
melt the heart of the opposite sex
make our target girl submissive and crazy
can send sex dreams together
can make a savage partner and his lust overflowing
make couples “ask” for sex over and over

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Weight 500 g


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