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filling khodam bagong

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filling khodam bagong

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filling khodam bagong
Bagong is a character who exists in Javanese wayang. who has a body that is exactly like grandparents Semar. Bagong also has almost the same strength as grandparent Semar who is the ruler of the Jin nation on the island of Java. It is said that Bagong once studied with Batara Guru and became strong and able to control all his powers so that it was difficult for his opponents to beat. the benefits of filling khodam bagong are:
Has a charm pellet implant aura.
Has an aura of compassion for the opposite sex.
Magical power to attract the opposite sex.
Obtains an aura of magical protection.
Multipurpose supernatural powers.
Cleanse all negative energy / negative energy.
Has magical power protection.
Radiant aura of authority and powerful charisma.
Words will penetrate the heart and mind.
Make a partner to be loyal / anti-cheating.
Ease in every love affair.
Facilities for easy matchmaking / easy matchmaking.


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