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Magical Power "Elephant Barong"

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Magical Power “Elephant Barong”

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The strength of elephant barong is one of the ancient kejawen. What I get and directly learn from my occult teacher who has been developing me. The ability of the barong elephant aji is very rare, categorized as old science which has a higher level in capturing someone’s heart / locking and returning people who run away from home.

This strength has a companion khodam that helps you strengthen the spells you say. The use of this barong elephant aji is very easy. you just read the mantra 3x then take the breath out of the mouth and aim it at the palm of the hand, then wash it on your face. Then the power will be directly integrated into your body and soul. And khodam Ilmu also follows your oder. I recommend all these uses for good / good things and full of accountability. Don’t use it to hurt someone because it can bring karma to you or bad luck.

Benefits of Magical Power “Elephant Barong”:

  1. To lure people to become your partner.
  2. To influence someone around you, to trust you more.
  3. This power can also be used to collect someone’s debt, so that it can be returned immediately.
  4. For merchandise inheritance or to bring in customers.
  5. This strength radiates the aura of your face, so it looks youthful and feels much younger than its actual age.
  6. To lock your partner’s heart, so that the household is more romantic.
  7. Your boss cares more about you.

If you really want this miraculous power, you don’t need to worry about how to use it, I will give you guidance in the transfer of knowledge to you through meditation in several stages. I will include spells, khodam Ilmu, and science capsules to make it easier for you to master this miraculous power. After you get the package from us, you can contact me so I can give you a guide. so this strength can be more perfect.


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