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Open The Rose Aura

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Open The Rose Aura

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The rose is one of the flowers favored by female genies in the beliefs of ancient Javanese civilization until now believed to be hereditary. because in the presentation of offerings of roses is one that must be present when performing rituals while in the kingdom of the jinn kingdom. this as a requirement to be a gift from us when we meet the queen of the jinn kingdom.
the philosophy of the color of brightly colored roses, especially red roses, signifies that a new beginning is filled with courage and fragrance or beauty when smelling the aroma soothes the soul.
realancientmagic provides services for opening the aura of roses for long distances to give a very enchanting facial glow where your face will be enveloped in a positive aura from the khodam genie who is next to you, everyone who sees you will be attracted and fascinated by your beauty and good looks. even if the longer you have this aura, all groups of jinn will often help you whenever you have a problem to help you finish it easily.
every long distance transfer, you are required to provide me with complete data and the name of your biological mother in detail so that our rituals can run well with maximum results.
realancientmagic will charge $1700 for this service for your country’s packaging purposes and our need to perform a 3 day ritual. For three days, you are advised to meditate and bathe in roses and also use perfume while meditating on our long distance transfer process. and you will feel an energy that will enter your body and soul.


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