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Science Pellets Jolo Lust

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Science Pellets Jolo Lust

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This pellet science comes from the city of Banyuwangi which is famous for its high-level pellet science center. Many who master this knowledge are coastal and inland tribes in the Purwo or Alas Purwo forests called the Osing Tribe. if you master this pellet science then anyone will bend the knee in front of you
if people exposed to this pellet science will lose their memory and only remember you, have extraordinary lust, the effect of this pellet can not be lost, this pellet science can also unite people and make people submissive, people who hate to be like, can harmonize the household , you will have many ideal women/men in your life to always be happy.
In this one package you will get magic oil, ritual science capsules, rajah amulets that you can keep and take with you wherever you go. for the transfer of knowledge will be done for 7 days.

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Weight 500 g


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