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Sex Pellets

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Sex Pellets

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Sex Pellets are a very rare type of ancient Pellet Science, in ancient times they were known as Yoni Pellets (which means Sex Pellets). The potency of pellets has actually been popular for thousands of years, especially in the palaces of ancient kingdoms. until the concubines used various mystical methods including these Yoni Pellets.

In this modern era, temptations from the opposite sex and “invitations” to infidelity are things that are difficult for us to avoid from our partners, so of course if we still really need the Yoni Pellet because this Pellet Science is indeed very appropriate to prevent infidelity and avoiding the temptations that often occur to our partners, as well as to provide inner satisfaction to our partners so that the harmony of our relationships/households can always be maintained.

The benefits of this Sex Pellet include:

  1. Increase stamina and natural power which is very powerful when you have intercourse.
  2. Long lasting when doing the body.
  3. Media to seize other people’s partners.
  4. Make your partner love you more.
  5. Submissive partner to want to obey all your wishes.
  6. The media that sends wet dreams to the person you are addressing
  7. Able to make you radiate positive aura to everyone
  8. Make you look impressive in the eyes of everyone
  9. Make you the center of attention for everyone
  10. The confidence that you emit is increasingly radiated.


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