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Aji King Bandung Bondowoso

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Aji King Bandung Bondowoso

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Ajian Bandung Bondowoso is known as a high-level magic science. This is because the inner practice and penance are very difficult to get this magic. It is said that this knowledge was obtained from generation to generation from ancestors. This knowledge is not disseminated because it can have a dangerous impact on life in the world. Damage in social life can also occur if everyone can get this spell.
One’s sincere intention is very important in learning this science. There should be no intention of studying this science just to act arbitrarily. There are many opinions about the origins of the Bandung Bondowoso spell. Some say that this knowledge is originally from the ancestors of the Javanese tribe. But there are also those who believe that this knowledge is the legacy of Prophet Solomon. Despite the ambiguity of the issue, it must be admitted that this teaching is very strong.
Evidence of the power and awesomeness of this magic can be seen in Prambanan Temple and Tangkuban Perahu Mountain. Both places are believed to exist because of the strength of the Bandung Bondowoso magic. This practice is divided into several levels. Initially this spell functioned as an invulnerable science, when this skill has been perfected then someone who has this knowledge can make the kings of the jinn submit to him. One of the requirements to learn this science is to fast for 30 days starting on Saturday Kliwon in the month of Suro. but now I have perfected it and it is easier to master this knowledge quickly. you will meditate for 14 days and will get a knowledge capsule that you have to swallow during the knowledge transfer process. Get magic items that you can always carry with you wherever you are.

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