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Aji Sugeh Bondho

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Aji Sugeh Bondho

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Aji Sugeh Bondo is one of the means of knowledge or magical power which is also assisted by astral beings or genie guardians of treasure. in this process the guardian of this knowledge is not allowed to tell what as long as he can quickly to others such as quickly getting promoted and becoming financially increased unexpectedly. This service will help you to solve your economic problems.

Aji Sugeh Bondho can make it easier for you to achieve wealth. This service will make you very quickly rise from bankruptcy or economic downturn. For the guardian of this knowledge you should never be afraid if at a certain moment you are visited by a grandfather who looks tattered or a traveler and has no place to stay who asks for food or a little water. so don’t forget to give him the best food and a good meal at once. Because that’s one of the angelic khodams that will always give you wealth luck.

Realancientmagic will charge $ 5000 to make a ritual for you for 7 days. And there will be a package that I will send to you. The knowledge transfer process takes 7 days after the package arrives. When transferring knowledge, it is recommended that you take a shower and wear a floral fragrance. after reading a few spells from me then meditate for one to two hours. the meditation process is only done once on the 7th day. for the first day to the sixth day you only read the incantation with the count that I have given you to read when you want to sleep.


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