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Anoman khodam filling service

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Anoman khodam filling service

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This service is a remote transfer service that does not take up time or interfere with your work. we will give you time when you are relaxing at home or when you want to sleep we will instruct you to do some relaxation with light meditation. can sit or lie down when the transfer occurs. we will do it for 7 days or 7 times for one month and the next month you will know the results
other benefits are as follows:
Opening the chakras of inner energy / inner energy.
Have high spiritual power.
Respected by all kinds of supernatural beings.
Have the ability of spiritual knowledge.
Able to cure possession, witchcraft and sorcery.
Possesses the magical blow of destroying jinns.
Easy to master various supernatural powers.
Liked a variety of white khodam.
Has multiple healing powers.
The magical fence within will be active without fasting.
Able to provide magical fences on others.
Cleaning a room / place from supernatural beings.
Stunning power and charisma


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