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Diploma in Silat Karomah Sciences

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Diploma in Silat Karomah Sciences

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Karomah Silat Science is a service that aims to activate Karomah silat knowledge within you. With the knowledge of karomah you will be able to perform various occult martial arts moves without having to practice silat.

The benefits of studying Silat Karomah

The Diploma in Silat Karomah has many uses, properties and benefits. Some of the benefits below, are only a few of the thousands of benefits of the Karomah Silat Studying itself.

Some of the benefits that we include here are a description of the experiences and testimonials of our customers/clients who have used the Spiritual Services of the Karomah Silat Study. The benefits of studying Silat Karomah Sciences, God willing:

Has magical martial arts abilities.
Possesses the magical blow of destroying jinn.
Able to clean a place from jinns and ghosts.
Silat stun / silat karomah will be active.
Can heal possessed people.
Means of occult protection / witchcraft sorcery.
Warding off various witchcraft and sorcery.
Deactivate the evil khodam energy.
Has high charisma and authority.
Protect yourself from bullying and hypnosis.
Self protection from witchcraft.
Spiritual means increase kadigdayan power.
Have sensitivity to the supernatural / supernatural beings.
Cure possessed / possessed by a genie.
Fence the house from attacks by supernatural beings.
The more solemn in doing worship.
A sense of serenity and peace in living life.
Destroy the enemy’s invulnerability.
Disabling the enemy’s khodam power.


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