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Filling In The Hizib Of Sulaiman

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Filling In The Hizib Of Sulaiman

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It has become something that all Muslims know, that Prophet Solomon was a prophet who had extraordinary wealth and power. His power is very broad, even so great his power includes 3 types of God’s creatures, namely humans, jinn and animals. Not only is his power extensive, his wealth is very abundant. All of this certainly cannot be separated from the blessings and gifts of Allah.

But despite his immense power and wealth, he was never greedy and greedy with his wealth. He always donated his wealth to help creatures in need. He uses his wealth only for good. He did this because he knew that all his wealth was a deposit from Allah SWT.
In addition, with his broad power, he did not abuse his power for bad things. His charisma and authority was felt. He leads whoever is in his care fairly and wisely. That’s why he is highly respected and respected by the community.

That’s why this Hizib is named Hizib Sulaiman, because its usefulness is to get wealth, authority, and power like what Solomon got.
The benefits of Hizib Sulaiman
Expanding Fortune

The first benefit that you will get when you practice Hizib is that your sustenance will be more abundant. You, God willing, will find it easy in your every endeavor to seek sustenance. For those whose current financial condition is still below, God willing, their sustenance will increase. And if you are an entrepreneur who already has a lot of wealth, then your wealth will be blessed and multiply.
Adding Authority

Next, for those of you who are currently getting a task or mandate as a leader, be it company leaders, regional leaders, organizational leaders, then practicing Hizib is very suitable. This is because, God willing, those who practice Hizib will bring an aura of authority that is getting stronger. So that later you will find it easier to manage and lead all your subordinates.
Making Problems Easy

Then for those of you who are entrepreneurs or rulers, if you are being afflicted with various problems then this Hizib is perfect for you to practice. This is because this Hizib, God willing, will help you in dealing with the various problems you face. Whether it’s problems related to business colleagues, society, and various other problems that often encounter you.
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