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Filling Khodam Brajamusti

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Filling Khodam Brajamusti

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Maybe all of you don’t know what is called khodam brajamusti. many have knowledge of brajamusti or mantra aji brajamusti. but it is not easy to get khodam brajamusti which makes the perfection of the science of aji brajamusti. because this khodam is a magical companion when we take out the brajamusti spell in our bodies so that it is more perfect as if someone is helping with greater energy than usual and there is supernatural help that perfects the lack of energy in our bodies. and when we sleep, this brajamusti khodam will be a guard and fortress to repel attacks by black shamans who send magic to you. In filling this brajamusti khodam it lasts for 7 days and after the package arrives you can take a science capsule from me so that knowledge and khodam can blend in you. and will be a little movement to hone the energy in the union with khodam.

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Weight 500 g


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