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Gundolo Science Lesson

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Gundolo Science Lesson

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This practice comes from Majapahit, the original knowledge of Majapahit
This knowledge is often used by merchants and dukes of the Majapahit Kingdom
if you master this mantra it will be easy to find the help of the genie to help launch your business and career, bring in new clients to subscribe to you
be a shield for your factory or place of business, bring in sustenance from various directions, accelerate the development of your business so that every year it always grows rapidly.
unlock charisma and chakra to be stronger
The duration of knowledge transfer is 14 days.
in this one science package, you will get magic oil, science capsules, and science bullets, as well as tattoos that are stored in a wallet or pocket that can be carried anywhere
I will give instructions when this package arrives, and this knowledge has no side effects

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Weight 500 g


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