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Immune Sorcerer Khodam

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Immune Sorcerer Khodam

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Khodam Bertuah Immune Body can be used to make your body immune and resilient. By doing this filling your body will feel stout, strong and immune. Immune Powerful Khodam is one of the energies of natural khodam which is combined with immunity, so that the power of khodam is stronger and super effective. Therefore, anyone who wants his body to be immune from supernatural attacks, sharp weapons and can stand beatings. You can use the services of this magic khodam that we teach, provided that good things are used or positive behavior.

Benefits / Benefits / Tuah Khodam Immune:
Protection for yourself and your family, protection from accidents, criminal acts, witchcraft attacks and pellet attacks.
Body strength, God willing, by having this sacred stone you will have a strong body strength spotan and automatically.
Ability to become a leader.
A death bluff that makes the people you bully fear and submit.
Charisma of authority wherever you are, will be respected and respected by anyone who sees you.
Invisibility Fence from Black Magic interference.
Means of Subduing the Enemy. Your enemies will automatically step aside and submit to you.
Guard House, Yard or Plantation. God willing, if someone has bad intentions / acts of crime / theft / robbery, automatically a ferocious lion Khodam will appear and confront the person with evil intentions.
Neutralizes negative energy around you.
Goib’s bodyguard is a male lion.
Strength of Immunity, God willing, his immune power can be at a high level.
Draw and Empty opponent’s power.
Bringing Khodam reinforcements from various directions.
Helping the active Sixth Sense.
Increase in inner strength.
Increase stamina and courage.
Not afraid and trembling when faced with the Enemy.
Being brave and not afraid of either people or the jinn.
In fear of the jinn and evil demons.


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