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Installation of Susuk Bulu Perindu

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Installation of Susuk Bulu Perindu

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There are so many types of insertion insertion, starting from submerged implant installation, romance insertion, lust implant installation and others. The insertion of the implant that we present this time is the installation of the Bulu Perindu implant. Usually perindu feathers are shaped like feathers and are equipped with perindu fur oil. But this time we got something special, namely the Installation of the Bulu Perindu Insert.

The natural energy of the longing hair which is full of compassion and alluring power is in this implant.

Benefits / benefits of inserting a Bulu Perindu implant:
Attraction and charms of the opposite sex
The aura of the original perindu fur pellet
Has a good aura of diamond implants
Magical fencing for immunity to witchcraft
Magical fence to ward off pellets
Has the good aura of gold implants
Being able to make the opposite sex fall in love
Magical fences and personal protection
High level of compassion
It’s easy to conquer the woman you are after
Has the ability to pellet with sound media
Cleanse negative aura / sengkolo
Radiates your compassionate allure
As a means of harmony in your household
Make your partner feel at home
Allure works with just the eye
The person you are targeting will be captivated by heart and soul
Open your aura to be loved and cherished
Clean the aura and get rid of all negative energy
Get sympathy, affection and love from the target
And various benefits, uses, other benefits


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