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Item Spiritual

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Item Spiritual

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this item has been empowered for generations from the ancestors



Meditation is a means to unite our souls towards peace and purity. Kejawen practitioners who are on the realancienmagic.com website, say that actually many people underestimate the meditation method, to find solutions to the problems you are facing. Through meditation many instructions from the creator of the universe are revealed to you. But the clear instructions are like puzzles that you have to solve. In meditation on our site, it does not require a high level of concentration. how you can feel comfortable and relax. All breathing regularly. after our mantra has been spoken continuously, you will feel between conscious and unconscious. This process, the instructions from the Creator of the universe descends to you. When you have entered your subconscious. We also use magic oil to open the chakra, which is needed to penetrate your subconscious. Patterns of meditation are also very varied, you can meditate sitting cross-legged / also can sit in a comfortable chair while listening to songs classics, and can sleep, all up to you the most important how you are in order to feel comfortable, regular breathing and blood circulation smoothly. Kejawen spells and miracle oils play an important role in meditation that we do. For beginners in the package we will also get capsules of science to be able to digest. All have been recommended by our trusted spiritual teacher in a high level of spiritual art.


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Weight 50 g


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