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Kendalisodo Science

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Kendalisodo Science

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Derived from the secret, occult practice of Ilmu-Hikmah, this ancient and legendary Kendalisodo spiritual empowerment is unique to the island of Java. As an energy force, power is associated with the Khodam of the ancestors who carry

virtue is strong for ever and thus combines the acceleration of spiritual and magical development. In order to be blessed with the spiritual power of Asmaul Husnah, a practitioner must practice strict meditation, daily chanting, and intermittent fasting for several months. This is necessary to transfer spiritual energy into the practitioner’s metaphysical energy structure. But with our direct remote empowerment, practitioners will be able to get this power easily through our empowerment process that lasts for 14 days. A short incantation is also provided to maintain and further develop high-level spiritual powers.

The magic of Kendalisodo science:

Kendalisodo is also equipped with high level khodam entities which are customized to assist the user not only for spiritual needs, but also assist the practitioner in achieving complete spirituality. By the grace and greatness of God, our experts have been given the capacity and capability to create this very special Kendalisodo spiritual divinity empowerment.
It is transferred into the user’s body in its raw form, and, as the plant grows from seed, there are developments over time that enhance every aspect of the receiving Energy structure, Spiritual Strength and Personality. With regular practice of Kendalisodo the user will feel and realize the inner spiritual power which is developing at an accelerated pace. As this Kendalisodo upgrade works on a physical and metaphysical level, Magical and Invisibility powers develop at an accelerated pace.
Owners should find that, provided the right diet and daily meditation are adhered to, psychic sensitivity will begin to develop within a few months. With regular recitation of the Kendalisodo Mantra, one’s personality, self-awareness and awareness will develop. As the superior power develops, an increase in energy level is experienced and meditation becomes deeper and calmer.
Absorbing energy or directing energy outward will create positive changes that allow for easier development of the inner or higher self due to increased light intelligence and spiritual sensitivity or awareness. This empowerment also enhances physical personality, ensuring that your thoughts and words will be received with respect and consideration.
With the Divine power of Kendalisodo your essential Self will be magnetized with higher spiritual energy and every occult practice or ritual you undertake will result in a greater degree of success and a stronger manifestation power. You will also naturally develop a strong aura presence that will automatically fend off magical attacks and prevent any form of attack by negative spirits from entering your personal space. With Kendalisodo’s empowering nature, your presence will cause negative spirits to flee in fear as the light energy surrounding your auric field causes distressing discomfort to any negative force.
We consider Kendalisodo’s empowerment as one of the core elements that must be carried out by practitioners because of its foundation which encourages personal stability so as to produce a temperament that is not easily tempted by dark forces.
Kendalisodo’s Spiritual & Magical Virtue
1. Intensifies the development of Higher Awareness and Sensitivity to the Higher Self which results in increased sensitivity to inner voices.
2. Spiritually connect the practitioner to the Khodam Angel server.
3. Deep meditation brings silence easily within oneself.
4. Increase the ability to absorb spiritual and psychic energy.
5. Increase the intensity to direct the power outward through words, eyes, hands, intentions and will.
6. Develop 1000 levels of virtue and spiritual/divine power through regular practice.
7. Bringing a greater awareness of God within oneself; recognize the divine spark, the inner light and become aware of the god outside oneself.
8. Help create a closer relationship with Angels and spiritual beings higher than the cosmos.
9. Increases one’s ability to absorb magical and spiritual energy easily.
10. Increase one’s ability to heal oneself or others easily.


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