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Khodam Angel Filling Service

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Khodam Angel Filling Service

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Realancientmagic is one of the educators of knowledge from the old kingdoms in Java. Don’t be fooled by captivating words like knowing foreign culture, maybe it’s not native to Java.
This khodam bidadari service emphasizes that someone who wants to fill this knowledge must be willing to meditate together with the aura of the moon and stars when they are seen in the sky.
The moon is considered by many ancient civilizations to be a magical planetary being and as the closest world to earth is said to carry cosmic powers that some people can feel. Many ancient practitioners chose to perform meditations and rituals at night and especially during the Full Moon or different moon phases depending on the purpose and work of the ritual. The power it emits is said to multiply the effects and virtues of meditation or ritual.

The Mystical Power of the Moon (Rembulan) originating from the ancient Singosari & Majapahit Kingdoms, harvests and holds the power of the moon. Its power is limitless, and it brings benefits to all aspects of a guard’s life. With the Power of the Moon comes physical prowess, increased finances, increased respect from others and many more virtues including the guardian’s ability to appear much more desirable and charming. This virtue will make its owner shine like the moon on a clear night. This power causes one’s aura to become magnetic allowing your goals, desires to be realized at an accelerated pace.
The endless benefits and virtues brought to the guard by the Mystical Powers this month include:
• The luminous aura of the guard makes the guard appear much more charming, approachable and desirable
• A more youthful and energetic appearance that can easily captivate and charm others.
• Sympathetic and helpful arousal will be stimulated in others towards carers
• The negative intentions of others will be deflected. Guardians will be protected from metaphysical, spiritual and physical harm
• Metaphysical beings and entities will be easier to win over and guards will command their sympathy and respect
• Pranic energy accumulates into the Aura every lunar month this builds up energy to slow down the aging process.
• Build energy in the full moon One’s aura energy appears bright and attractive, users can mingle and make friends easily.

Strict Payment via Bank Transfer or Western Union.
Please note this enablement is non-refundable once we have completed the job. It is up to the user to further develop the power of the Moon seed. Regular Meditation, Breathing Practices and reading of the divine name as given will further develop the Power of this Spiritual seed in the user. Regular fasting also helps speed up its development


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