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Khodam Dasamuka

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Khodam Dasamuka

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charging dasamuka is a science filling dedicated to artists or political figures why is that because the character of filling dasamuka science is that the person will have abilities beyond his control when talking or displaying spontaneous movements so that people see him will feel amazed. The khodam who will accompany you is a very polite khodam and always obeys you.
many people ask whether all such means are good for our future life? and I can answer that everything will be fine as long as you do the instructions I give correctly and always ask me. because consulting services for my customers are all free.
in filling this khodam dasa advance it will be done for 3 days after the package I sent to you arrives then take the knowledge capsule that I gave you and after that meditate during the transfer of knowledge for 3 days.

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Weight 300 g


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